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Jeff Big Daddy Wayne

      World Class Comedian

Louie Anderson

"Jeff Wayne taught me things about comedy I didn't know, he's really funny and he is also a great Father! Not to mention a wonderful friend."


"A One-Man Riot"

Jamie Masada, The Laugh Factory

"Always funny, always fun..."

The Los Angeles Times

"A funny man, an opinionated man..."

Jerry Lewis

"He is a slippery banana peel..."

Scott Lewis

"My Dad is always right!"


"He is always there with a quip, solid funny content. Adjusts to whatever audience."

Eric McGinty, NPR

"He has the face of Fred Flintstone and the attitude of Al Bundy!"


"Right now funny!"

Gov. Mike Johans, Nebraska

"A guy who really is delightful on-stage and off"

Alan Colmes

"I enjoy his different take on many subjects, I don't agree but I enjoy. Funny."

Peter Allen, F.B.I. (Funny Business International) Copenhagen, Denmark

"Amazing audience communication. An American who knows how to reach an audience, make them laugh and make them want more!"

Bob Zany

"Jeff Wayne takes stand-up comedy to the next level, DECON 4!"

Rodney Dangerfield to Bob Zany 1991 (Well Rodney, I have the material now!) RIP with respect!

"This guy is better than his material"

Rick Pamplin - Pamplin Film Company

"Bold, brilliant and possibly the funniest person in America."

Lance Burton - Master Magician and Las Vegas Legend

"As a fellow Kentuckian, I love Big Daddy's Show as much as I love Bar-B-Que!"

Kevin Burke - Star of "Defending The Caveman"

"Jeff Wayne will make you laugh until you shoot diet cola out of your nose. I know because he has done it to me. Several Times!"

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