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One Man Show

Grilling, Sex, Food and Marriage...

Big Daddy's Barbeque

Comedian’s one-man show is called a riot!

“I don’t joke about sex, to me sex is sacred. I know; I pray

for it every night.”  


So, says comedian Jeff Wayne playing the role of Big

Daddy, a postal worker on his day off having his weekly

barbeque for friends (you, the audience). Big Daddy is

flipping burgers, pouring drinks, and having a running

commentary about the world today. Hot topics: President

Trump, pot, teenagers, sex, food, drinking, reality TV and

marriage: straight and gay.


Our host is a 9 to 5 guy, self-proclaimed white trash

(Caucasian debris) from Kentucky. His wife is anything

but. Phyllis has a Ph.D., hails from Ohio, watches MSNBC

and has “artistic pursuits.” Big Daddy describes her as the

most put-upon white woman in the world! There is

underlying tension at the barbeque this weekend. Phyllis

wants them to see her best friend in Karaoke finals, while he wants her to accompany him to a woman cage fight!


This one-man show is directed by Ted Lange (Issac, the bartender from the TV series “The Love Boat”). Wayne has performed the show over 1,000 times in theaters across the country, winning incredible reviews. “This guy is funny!” L.A. Times; “Big Daddy is a one-man riot” Variety; “With the face of Fred Flintstone and the brain of Al Bundy, (Wayne’s) humor is clever and satirical without being mean, “NPR.


Lange who has directed feature motion pictures, TV and theater from Shakespeare to his own works has managed to keep this show moving with comedy, music and audience interaction. As Lange says of the attendees, “After all, you are at the barbeque!”


Comedian Jeff Wayne has appeared on many national TV shows, and keeps his career diversified by appearing at comedy clubs, Las Vegas, cruise ships and of course his one man show. He has six nationally released cds and is one of the most played funnymen on Sirius/XM. Wayne, who writes his own material, has said, “I am proof bourbon isn’t the only good thing from Kentucky.”

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