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JEFF “Big Daddy” WAYNE





Comedian Jeff Wayne was dubbed “Big Daddy” by Billy Crystal and Robin Williams on an HBO Comic Relief show. The moniker has stuck to a guy who’s been part of the stand-up comedy scene for a long time. He’s toured all over the world, several times in Europe. The Norwegian Newspaper “Sondags B.A.”, described him as having “amazing audience communication, and ferociously funny!”
He’s appeared on many national TV shows, including Pawn Stars, and recently with Tiffany Haddish on Byron Allen’s Comics Unleashed. A frequent guest on radio shows, Jeff is known for his quick wit and storytelling abilities. His yarns are offbeat little-known tales about old and new celebrities.
His audio book, Raconteur, is one of Amazon’s bestselling products.
Wayne has performed in various venues ranging from comedy clubs, concerts, and cruise ships. In theaters, his one-man show, Big Daddy’s Barbeque, has been played over 1,000 times, and has generated sensational reviews from distinguished publications like The Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Variety, Cleveland Plain Dealer, and NPR which described Wayne, as having “the face of Fred Flintstone with the attitude of Al Bundy.”
“I admire Fred Flintstone. I admire any man who can stop a car with his feet!” says Big Daddy!
His seven comedy CDs are constantly played in rotation on Sirius/XM radio, making him one of the most listened to comedians in the country. The journey from Kentucky to The Comedy Store in Los Angeles started when Wayne realized that they didn’t teach in school what he wanted to learn. At the Comedy Store, he learned his craft and worked with the likes of Louie Anderson, Jim Carrey, Roseanne, and Judd Apatow, while watching the masters like Richard Pryor, George Carlin and Rodney Dangerfield.
Big Daddy’s energetic, fast-paced act works as he joshes the audience and ties into one of his routines: today’s headlines, reality TV from the paranormal to Bigfoot, feel-good education, your spirit animal, being a gringo in Los Angeles, his daughter’s wedding, unhappy humans, a plethora of material!
Divorced from his wife he has remained true to his first love: Stand-Up Comedy. The father of three, he lives in Los Angeles, collects showbiz memorabilia, and is still striving to be a star. “Maybe Tuesday, he says.”
“Why do they call me “Big Daddy”? Anything else would be a lie!”
“They say secondary smoke is worse than the original smoke. Based on that, you should just smoke!”
“This is how I know I’m getting old. I was at a friend’s bachelor party, and a girl was doing a lap dance in front of me, but I was worried that she would knock over my beer!”
“The Rolling Stones have announced another ‘Last Tour’… what is this, their 30th Last Tour? It should be called “See Them Before They Die Tour”!
“I’m dyslexic. That’s how I lost my first agent, Mr. Lipschitz”
“I work all over the world to prove that bourbon is not the only good thing to come from Kentucky!”
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