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Big Daddy saw The Three Stooges live when he was a little boy. He bugged his Mom and Dad to take him to see his “heros!”

Other boys liked Mickey Mantle and Pete Rose but Jeff…was a freak!

Big Daddy is very proud of his note from his hero Groucho Marx.  Groucho replied to a young fan’s inquiry and was short about it, and funny!

While some kids could tell you Hank Aaron’s satsitics in baseball, Big Daddy could tell you how many movies Olsen and Johnson had made.

Big Daddy used to book Judd Apatow as a stand-up comedian.

When he booked comedy clubs Jeff booked and befriended Sam Kinison, Jenny Jones, Louie Anderson, Roseanne, Skip Stephenson, and many other “known” now comedians.

Big Daddy was a favorite of Sally Marr, the mother of Lenny Bruce.  She saw Jeff many times and told him Lenny would have loved him…she called Jeff, “The Blue Collar Lenny Bruce,” she gave Jeff many Lenny Bruce collectables.

Big Daddy played two weeks at The Hilton Hotel on the island of Guam.

Big Daddy writes his own material and has written for other comedians, magicians, and even jugglers.

Big Daddy has played Scandinavia many times to big houses and superb reviews.

Big Daddy has been to Christmas Island, half way between Hawaii and Tahiti.

Big Daddy collects lots of show biz memorabilia, he has Oscar Wilde’s calling card when he visited the United States in the 1880’s, Lou Costello’s personal script for Abbott and Costello Go To Mars, canes from Jerry Lewis’s act, personal recollections recorded by Red Skelton, plus many pictures, props, and autographs of these comedy greats!

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