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One Man Show

Big Daddy's Barbeque

The one-man show, the one-man comedy riot!
Starring comedian Jeff Wayne

Jeff has appeared in the show over 1,000 times!


The show is directed by Ted Lange (Isaac from TVs Love Boat).

The show was a Network TV pilot for NBC and UPN by Barry Kemp of TVs Coach.


The show has played in theaters, comedy clubs, concert halls, outdoor theaters, and is adaptable to any space, small or large.


Superlative reviews of the show, Ted, and Jeff have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Cleveland Plain Dealer, NPR, Chicago Tribune, Variety, and other distinguished media.


The show ran for 16 weeks at the Dallas Improv and has had other long runs.


The show combines comedy monologues, music, and audience interaction, all woven into a story line that has that “Ahhhh” ending.



Easy and Flexible Set - the simple set, which includes a barbeque grill, lawn chair, and TV table, can be expanded to become more elaborate. The set enhances the show as it creates a new category of comedy that stands out from the rest.


Cues - A general wash, opening song sound cue, and ending song.


Cost Effective - Only one cast member!


PR for the show - Both Ted and Jeff have done TV, radio, print, and shake hands after every show, which results in many repeat customers!

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