Review: Big Daddy's Barbecue will have you howling

Comic Jeff Wayne does not apologize for growing up in a white trash neighborhood in Kentucky. "We're part of Caucasian debris," Wayne joked to his audience at the opening night premiere of his Big Daddy's Barbecue comedy show in Walla Walla. "The government spends millions to track tornadoes when all they really need to do is buy a trailer and in no time the tornado will find you," he said. Wayne's colorful humor is packed with thought-provoking lines. In other words, he says out loud what many people are thinking but are afraid to express for fear of being politically incorrect. So, if you're an open-minded individual, regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation, and you don't wear y

Laughing Plus A Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich – What More Do You Need?

If you like salads, sodas, crunchy fries, yummy burgers and delicious Philadelphia Cheesesteak sandwiches then you should check out the classic 33-year-old local North Hollywood family business, Philadelphia Sandwiches. Oh, and now you can relax, eat and laugh it up with international and local comedians for a couple of fun fantastic hours every Wednesday night. Their premier evening was hosted by Carl Bradley, who with his own brand of humor, used the audience (wink, wink) as targets for some of the most classic and fresh comedy material around. Carl kept the pace moving fast and fun he filled the entire event with energy and local neighborhood quips! Cole Young was up first. Cole who claim

Comedian Jeff Wayne Treasures Comedy’s Storied Past

At age 14, stand-up comedian Jeff “Big Daddy” Wayne wrote a fan letter to his hero, Groucho Marx. Pretending he was working on a term paper, Wayne asked Marx about the box office receipts for 1946’s “A Night in Casablanca.” The famous comedian’s response came about four months later. After apologizing for his late reply, Marx wrote, “ ‘I hope … the (grade) on your paper is as good as your patience,’ ” Wayne recalled. “It is a treasure.” Wayne, who will perform two shows on New Year’s Eve in Pismo Beach, treasures his connection to comedy’s past. His vast collection of show business memorabilia includes Oscar Wilde’s American calling card, Bob Hope’s cuff links and Lou Costello’s personal scr

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