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Laughing Plus A Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich – What More Do You Need?

If you like salads, sodas, crunchy fries, yummy burgers and delicious Philadelphia Cheesesteak sandwiches then you should check out the classic 33-year-old local North Hollywood family business, Philadelphia Sandwiches. Oh, and now you can relax, eat and laugh it up with international and local comedians for a couple of fun fantastic hours every Wednesday night.

Their premier evening was hosted by Carl Bradley, who with his own brand of humor, used the audience (wink, wink) as targets for some of the most classic and fresh comedy material around. Carl kept the pace moving fast and fun he filled the entire event with energy and local neighborhood quips!

Cole Young was up first. Cole who claims he is a cookie maker/baker, uses comedy as his tool of trade. His comedy centered around his dating and girlfriend adventures that would surprise and scare even the most experienced couples.

Comedian and impressive multi-accented Mel Kohl took the stage next with his formidable brand of humor discussing his adventures through airports and his amazing (and strange) life adventures with some of the funniest accents and multicultural impressions I have ever heard. He is a funny talent and has the comedy chops that will make you smile and guffaw out loud.

Carl & Buzz (Carl Bradley & Buzz Belmondo) took the stage and gave some of the best, quick-witted comedy duo bits I have seen live in a long while. They were sharp and funny and played off each other and made it look like it was all made up! Very fun and funny to watch these two! (And yes Carl was doing double duty as host and comedy duo!)

Jeff “Big Daddy” Wayne took command of the stage next and closed the evening’s entertainment. He is defiantly no-holds barred when it comes to his comedy. You’ll chuckle, smile and then agree out loud at some of his social commentary and personal observations of life. He made use of the stage, people walking by outside and their wasn’t an audience member that wasn’t free from his commenting on or jabbing at!

It was a surprising evening of fun and entertainment and good food. Every Wednesday night, as the various comedians for the evening are booked, will delight, entertain and will probably make it difficult to eat because you will be laughing so much. Philadelphia Sandwiches in North Hollywood is an amazing place that not only has great food, but they now added great FUN to the menu! Check them out at

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