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Review: Big Daddy's Barbecue will have you howling

Comic Jeff Wayne does not apologize for growing up in a white trash neighborhood in Kentucky.

"We're part of Caucasian debris," Wayne joked to his audience at the opening night premiere of his Big Daddy's Barbecue comedy show in Walla Walla.

"The government spends millions to track tornadoes when all they really need to do is buy a trailer and in no time the tornado will find you," he said.

Wayne's colorful humor is packed with thought-provoking lines. In other words, he says out loud what many people are thinking but are afraid to express for fear of being politically incorrect.

So, if you're an open-minded individual, regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation, and you don't wear your emotions on your sleeve, then you'll want to check out Wayne's show, which continues through July 8 at the Power House Theatre in downtown Walla Walla.

Wayne played to a packed house June 23. Though the evening was bursting will belly laughs from the audience, there was at least one guy who didn't appear to appreciate Wayne's brand of humor, especially when Wayne started poking fun at how marriage tends to ruin a man.

"God's cosmic joke is that when women get older and chase younger men, they're called cougars," he said. "But when men get older and chase younger women, they're called perverts. How is that fair?"

Wayne continued to joke with the man sitting in a front row seat to the side of the stage, but he remained stoic in his reaction, though his wife was howling up a storm.

No topic was left untouched as Wayne chattered away with the audience while pretending to put on a barbecue in his backyard.

What made his philosophy funny was that everything was delivered without malice, foul language or trace of discrimination.

The show is produced by Greg Thompson, who also brought Marilyn: Forever Blonde to the Power House Theatre last year.

Thompson also plans to bring a few more popular stage shows to the Power House later this year, including one of the country's more popular drag shows.

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