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Steve Wozniak and Big Daddy!

Steve Wozniak and his beautiful wife Janet attended all of my shows on The Carnival Inspiration. A total of six shows! We got to hang and chat, both of them beautiful, down to earth people. Steve gave one of the most interesting, inspiring, and funny talks to the ship guests in the main theater. My review? A riveting experience. Janet gave me a funny story about pets staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel, which I looped into my act.

I asked Steve what they missed in the first movie about Steve Jobs and his relationship. He laughed and said it was important that people know he turned Steve on to the Beatles! Mr. and Mrs. Wozniak told me I was one funny man! They should know, they came to six of my shows: family and adult!

Woz and wife, one heck of a team. Making the world a better place.

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